Current Officers

President: Curtis Ramondi  355-5532
Vice President: Tim Hoyer  262-5139

Treasury: Tom Gilbertson
Secretary: Joel Gooch  243-5288
Safety Officer: Ron Magni
Newsletter Editor: Jim Finch  241-2375

Maintenance: Dan Stoddard  739-3054

Webmaster: Danny Day

Membership Renewal

You can renew your membership on-line. All ID Cards will be e-mailed to members after they renew.

NEW KEYS: Start 12-1-2013

Want To Join?

If you would like to join and have yet to visit our field contact one of our officers to take you on a flight day at our field..

Already know you want to join? You can download the application or fill out an on-line application and pay with PayPal.



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